Organique's STORY

For more than 17 years, Organique Cosmetics is pioneering the Polish market of natural cosmetics and skin care products. We combine hand picked raw materials with rich compositions of active ingredients, creating and producing cosmetics of highest quality and effectiveness.



“We are passionate about creating products inspired by nature that stimulate all our senses. Valuing the quality of life it became our objective to demonstrate how easily daily-life activities can be transformed into exceptional rituals. Combining tradition with innovation, we contribute to a healthy and beautiful lifestyle”

Founder and CEO, Tomasz Czarski



Looking into the future we plan to further strengthen our brand and develop our products according to our mission, philosophy and company values, while building strong and long-lasting relationships with our business partners and customers. Systematic expansion of our product lines with references to traditional SPA treatments and rituals, designed for professional as well as Home SPA practices.

We are constantly focused on promoting Organique brand and product awareness on global markets, by sharing and transmitting our passion and fascination for natural beauty and healthy way of living.


Out of concern for the naturalness of our products, we keep perfecting their compositions. We try to make them healthy, skin-friendly and close to the nature. We devoid our cosmetics of strong and aggressive preservative, washing and foaming agents which may cause irritation, dryness and even allergies.

Our products have rich formulas filled with plant extracts and very delicate preservative systems; therefore, in some cases, we protect them against UV rays with the use of dark packaging. Airless packaging, thanks to its hermetic construction, reduces the risk of cosmetic contamination and we can, therefore, use even more delicate eco preservatives.


Our unique product portfolio offers a wide range of natural, deeply nourishing and environmental friendly produced cosmetic lines, specially designed for daily face body and hair care treatments. We extended our portfolio to our SPA & Wellness line and also introduced our professional face and body treatment schemes, which are performed in SPAs and professional cosmetic institutes. We also offer professional schooling and seminars, to assure sustainable treatment results and updated product knowledge and handling. It is our priority to satisfy our customers with products of highest quality and value. Constant global research for natural resources of organic origin and the implementation of gentle production and eco-friendly packaging methods, that preserve the most valuable and effective ingredients, enable us to keep this promise.

We are fascinated by the strength of nature and avoid using chemical substitutes and artificial scents. We make certain that our products are skin-friendly and close to the nature. All our products including “safe formula” are free of parabens, PEG-S, paraffin oils, silicones, ethanolamines, SLES-SLS-ALS, formaldehyde donors, petrolatum, and are all NON-Animal Tested; both ingredients and finished product.

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